40 Ways Along the Sea

by Woosley

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Dear Mom, remember about 10 years ago when I told you I was hanging out in a friend's garage with some rad dudes and a few 30 packs of PBR and you were all like that's great honey be careful and have fun and I was all like oh man Mom I'm fu$&ing wasted and running 13 miles tomorrow and you were like oh my good luck. Well that record is finally coming out on April 11 and it's called 40 Ways Along the Sea and it's kind of deep (the Sea, duh) and a retelling of the Book of Exodus. That reminds of when I was a kid and reading the New Testament and you were all like little dude you are creeping me out put that shi$ down and go play kickball. Anyways, the record is the wandering narrative of passengers of the SS Exodus who ran into some heavy shi$ in July of 1947. I put in some big words so you might be all like sonofabitch my boy is no dumbass after all and maybe going thru all of those books ('cept Dad's porn wing tho, sorry Ma$) paid off. So anyways, I will mail you a copy soon and you can play it for the dogs while you feed them cottage cheese or whatever the fu$& they are eating now. Winter is over if you want it. Cheers and God bless. Your son.


released April 11, 2014

Sean Woosley
Mike Travis
Ben Lamb
Doug Hare
Barry Hensley
Bob Ray Starker
Fritz Fekete
David Murphy

recorded and mixed by Fritz Fekete at The Black Hole
mastered by Jon Chinn
art by Noah Phipps
disc layout by Mark Vuchenich

We Used to Drink Together Records

all rights reserved 2014



all rights reserved
Track Name: Sweet Little Creepers
Watching the angels rise
Sweet little creepers
You won't die
There's 40 ways to go along the sea and
You won't reach me
Rising slowly above the flags
Waiting for you
Light will come with the trails
We will slowly breathe
And I bet you're cracking up at
The sound of the rooster's crow
Hearing the trains go
Makes you want to hide behind the light and
The conductor in
The darkness of the tracks
That's how you'll go
I think I know
Track Name: Hang Gliding Over Volcanoes
Oh you know you've got adventures to tell
Don't wish away the wishing well
Falling into ruts
You probably hate my guts
You know the drill
Technical glitches are likely to occur when
You don't hit the brakes
You're hang gliding over volcanoes
Track Name: Shakespeare's Baby
Don't you want to be Shakespeare's baby?
Masters of universes
There will be imagination crowns to wear
I swear of
Sunny skies and triple rainbows

Human beings
Unreliable and unstable
Fluttering eyes and convulsive waves of surprise await you
When you're Shakespeare's baby
Track Name: Jump the Crib
Boxtop baby jump the crib
Pull me from the oyster and
Pop the lid
Just like we did when you were a kid

Hiding in the treetops
Drunk and savage

Boxtop baby jump the crib
Pull me from the oyster and
Pop the lid
Just like we did when you were a kid

King of the mountain
Look at what you do

Boxtop baby jump the crib
Pull me from the oyster and
Pop the lid
Just like we did when you were a kid

Save me from Uncle John
Track Name: Has Been Wars and Exoneration
All the stallion's sanctioned misdeeds
Can be removed like setting a clock or
Darning an old sock
The coming brigade of to do lists and the nearly missed

Temperamental stars
Lean against the waves
Has been wars and exoneration

Vying for office
The monkey trial attorney
Recesses in the small room with
Words for the derby and compass points
Tha lead us to the low lying islands in the end
Where no one's popular

Temperamentall stars
Lean against the waves
Has been wars and exoneration
Track Name: The Duchess
And the Duchess returns
Guarding the gold
Clutching and coveting the child
Just like a flower
Not intended for her but
Swept away with icy fingers
She returns to the ditch
Track Name: The New Syndrome Advertisement
The rad relative made off just like a peacock
Empathizing with the avenue disturbances
Showing deference to the blackjack pointed tools
Errors like this are bound to happen
They may come before we forget
Primal impulses falling where the elated walk is satisfactory
You may be moved fathoms

Retreating forums of the braying beast
Settling down for his midnight feast
Loud, deep, resonant and sonorous
Swirling in the circular passages of time
The swabby's warning let the reporter down

Welcome to the new syndrome advertisment
Track Name: Stations of Light
Heather is forever green
Running wild in the late summer night
Honey bee
Hypnotize me
Navigate me through polarized light

Why on earth would you try to collect her?
She's your guardian angel and
Your protector and
She will keep your dreams by
Sharing them

Aberrations in
The stations of light
Vibrations of love
Confirmations thereof and
Staycations we never dreamed of in
Our time

She'll be coming around again
Don't you wait for love
She'll be waiting
Track Name: Snip Homage Soiled
Turning all your babies into captains
Making captives of the natives
Snip homage solied and overrated
Waiting for the b-rated game to end
Track Name: Split-up at the Towers
Split-up at the towers
Where the morning ground's recessed
Brightly turn away and you can feel the nothingness
Gnawing at your skin but
Later you will feel together
Another seafarer at the window
Minding the key trope wandering weather

Even children know to run away when the mountain's on fire

And behind all the bolster the bear is back
That's what all too many Russia watchers have been saying
Since troops steamrolled Georgia in August
Warning that the country's stong man is clawing his way back
Toward super power status

Even children know to run when the mountain is on gire.
Track Name: Areola Voters
They bombed you in the basket
Ruthless heart attacks
You pardon yourself
Usually military commands
Where the directive stands and
In the coming revolt
You feel the jolt
In an instant poll
Thge areola voters are dying
The payment has processed and the
System ain't glitchin
Track Name: Newly Broken
Timelines changing
This is highly suspect
Your lack of emotion and
Your general debt
Your sudden flight home
Your fluttering and stammering still ringing in my head

You said, "I am newly broken and
I don't care.
Write me off, regardless."

Like the blatant fingerprints and
The missing treasure off
The boat

Write me off, regardless.
Write me off.
Track Name: The Limestone Armory
You can hit me with your box of rocks
Electric cord
Baseball bat
I'll be waiting in
My tinfoil hat, mother
Waiting for your word

Make it on the Fifth Night
Make it midnight

You can play me like a harpischord or
A syphony or
A Ragtime dirge

You may fool the old cool school but
The Limestone Armory is recreating history
The Limestone Cowboys are arming the gallery
Track Name: Intuition Passport
This is why
This is when it all pays off in
The old folks home and
We skip the Wednesday night bingo game

Your heart is the demon
Haunting your world
Tender heartedness leads us to the gas chamber
We lied about

Intuition passports for
Better days and brighter times
You know the truth about
Our secret pact
Intuition passport for
Soldiers of science and
Breathing alone
Track Name: Endless Museum Display
Well the dogs are barking and
The sirens are blowing and
The trains keep running 'round
Baked in paper
I am wrapped like a gift
We battle like brooks who want to be heard and
A million deserts couldn't hold us back
The stories we will tell when there's no one left
Endless Museum Display
Track Name: These Beds Never Know Rest
It's best to go missing when
The storms are severe
An hour of heavy rain
Can buy you miles from here
And your lowest steps at
The Penny Stores
The Faithless will entertain you
The Angels to the sound of our wheels
These beds never know rest